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Airline Ticket Counter Design


(Shown above is Virgin America ticket counter designed by Blue Skies Consulting LLC)

The airline industry is undergoing many changes. They always have to adapt to those changes and make the airline company in touch. Many of airlines have the same ticket counter and the same designs. Well they have to be very innovative and to get their passengers new and helpful ticket counters designs. An airport is being rate for smooth passenger handling and attractive efficient counter facilities. We all know the traffic and stress while waiting at the airport and new ticket counter design will definitely make better environment. It does not help that the one document we were gave to make sense of it all, the boarding pass rage before settling in here. During our research, we came to conclusion that a designer has rarely been involved in the creation of ticket counters. They were creating originally for computers, by computers.

The airlines see the value giving passengers tools to make their lives easier, just think of the mobile apps airlines have put out in recent years. However, that also means that the boarding pass has not changed in years. They are not making our lives better still. There are many designs, which are good, but most of them are difficult for passengers. The passenger’s often do not know how to manage themselves in the airport so with new ticket counter designs it will make their lives better.

There are some ways the airlines can increase the power of surprise. It will definitely be surprise for the hapless traveler when he sees and easy on the eyes different looking ticket. This association will surely help brand recall. Surely, airlines can find an inch of two or three designed ticket to stamp their logo. If the ticket fits nicely in a pocket or wallet, it is likely to remain there for a long time. In addition, when they take out the ticket, they will recall their pleasant surprise while having great flight with the airline. In addition, with no doubt they will use the same airline again. That will help the airline to increase brand affinity. They will get a perfect win situation. Customers are happy, and airlines cultivate and additional revenue source. They should always present an offer with their tickets to their passengers. That could be anything from a free upgrade, free meal coupon. They will definitely have good opinion and trust in their passengers. Because some of the airlines charge even water and that is not good at all. Surely, a simple ticket re-design cannot solve all of an airline’s problems. That one small step will make passenger happier.

Airlines should definitely take this chance and have better reputation. Changing the design of ticket counter will definitely looks better in passenger’s eyes. They have to make not something better, but something different. They always have to be unique. The ticket design speaks a lot about the airline company. In the end, good design should be one that is easy to read and follow. They have to display information clearly.

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